Marketing Consulting

It all starts with a plan.
Unlike many PR firms who focus on media relations – and dig into their clients’ business to identify stories that may be of interest to the press, BLPR works with clients to develop an editorial plan that compliments – and help drive – the marketing strategies for the brand. Our experience in helping to launch and grow brands over the past thirty years gives us a solid foundation for helping our clients identify strategic opportunities for growth and development.

More importantly, we know what it takes to move the needle and assist in the research, formulation and writing of managable plans that outline the best course of action to achieve the client’s business goals.

The plans we write for clients are managable, results-oriented documents that outline KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) so we can track our progress and monthly budgets for each proposed tactic in the plan so clients have complete control over how much they spend.

Pushing the message out.
While many PR firms work with reporters, editors and bloggers to get the word out, BLPR combines this traditional media relations service with a sophisticated approach to digital marketing that helps drive traffic to self-published websites and other publications – including sponsored content on radio, television, print media and websites.

This combination of media relations, native advertising placement (what is native advertising – and branded content is driven by the client’s editorial calendar, not the whims or cycles of the media. If the two synch up, so much the better. But we firmly believe the client’s message needs to live according to its own timeline and work to make that a reality.

We back up our plans with service.
Most marketing and editorial plans are barely worth the paper they’re written on because they lack flexibility and the team responsible for implementing them lose focus. There’s only one way to overcome those challenges.


BLPR is in touch with clients every week the plan is in effect (some clients have seasonal plans so our check-ins are less frequent). Additionally, BLPR uses a variety of online tools to make it easy for clients to check on project progress, share documents and upload/download digital assets as needed. We also provide access to this extranet of services to the other marketing service suppliers our clients use to help keep the entire team in the loop and avoid unintended conflicts.

Every project we undertake for a client has a clear scope of work, budget and timeline – and we adhear to those parameters. When the scope of work on a project changes (as it very often does), we advise our client of the cost and schedule ramifications of such a change. That way, the client can decide whether or not to spend the extra money or allow for the additional time.

Allowing clients to make informed decisions is a sign of top-flight client service.

Competitive rowing sensation Elizabeth Sharis was a patient of BLPR client ORA Orthopedics