Every brand has a story.

It’s our job to make sure it’s told well.
So, where do you start? At Bawden & Lareau Public Relations, we think every story starts by understanding the heart of the brand. Core values. History. Legacy. Mission. Vision.

We usually begin our work for a client with a communications audit – a systematic review and disassembly of every piece of marketing communication created and used by the client over the preceding six to twelve months. The audit process also includes an interview with key internal stakeholders to get their views on the brand’s position in the market and what makes it notable.

Using that framework, it’s interesting to see the level of accuracy in the way the brand is portrayed to the public. Accurate and consistent are the standards here. And very often, we find a disconnect between what we’ve been told by the client and what the client’s own marketing literature tells us about the brand and the company behind it.

After that initial spadework is completed, BLPR works with the client to succinctly identify the values that form the foundation of the brand relationship. These values relate directly to the point-of-view the brand assumes in its market and influence the tone and timbre of the messages crafted to communicate its differentiating characteristics.

All of this is spelled out in a document we call a message matrix. And it is the second of three essential elements when it comes to crafting consistent brand and corporate narratives. When presented to the client, the matrix presents a brand’s positioning and all the key messages framed to meet the needs and address the concerns of each audience.

The final piece of the communications puzzle that needs to fall into place is the brand platform. This exercise puts all the research and preparation into practice – demonstrating the approach, the look and the feel of value-driven marketing communications. The platform is often simultaneously developed along with an editorial plan that provides a month-by-month summary of the stories to be developed and shared as well as a marketing plan which provides both a strategic and a tactical breakdown of how those stories will be shared over the subsequent 12-18 months.

It’s all about content.
BLPR’s foundation is as a public relations firm – corporate story-telling with the specific purpose of advancing our clients’ business.

But as consumers become more sophisticated and cynical to the claims and slogans of marketers, we’ve found power in leveraging the honest and true stories of success and achievement of our clients’ customers. Of their employees. Of their communities.

As a result, we help our clients form deeper relationships with their customers through their brands. There is great power in those relationships. And, as the saying goes, there is also great responsibility.

We encourage our clients to take an objective view on the roles their brands play in the lives of their customers. Celebrate it. And be sure to say “thanks.”

A lot.

The stories we tell reflect the passions and interests of real people who are thankful for the relationships they have with our clients. It’s an honor and a privilege to have the opportunity to share them with the world.

It’s our job to make sure every story is well told.

Exhibitors at THE RENTAL SHOW in New Orleans, LA
Exhibitors at THE RENTAL SHOW in New Orleans, LA
Competitive rowing sensation Elizabeth Sharis was a patient of BLPR client ORA Orthopedics
Competitive rowing sensation Elizabeth Sharis was a patient of BLPR client ORA Orthopedics