Audience Engagement

Marketing conversations have to go two ways.
It used to be enough to just tell people what they needed to know and then wait for the cash register to ring. But it doesn’t work that way anymore.

Customers today consider more than price when determining the value of a product. And very often, it’s the values of the brand (and they way they’re expressed) that mean the most when it comes to establishing a long and profitable relationship with a customer.

That’s a fact that holds true whether you’re marketing to consumers or to other businesses.

What you say – and your ability to live up to the resulting expectations – helps define your brand’s “value”. But how you say it: with respect, with compassion, with understanding, with bragadocio, can determine who’s really listening.

Audience Engagement as a business strategy
That’s why we work on developing audience engagement tactics for every client. The give-and-take of that conversation with the client establishes repoire. And that repoire becomes the bias on which your marketing message is delivered.

Inconsistent communications. Poor follow-through on customer requests. Disrespectful interractions. These are bell weather indicators of deeper problems when it comes to creating meaningful, high-value interactions with customers.

BLPR works with clients to identify and address these issues and take advantage of the opportunities they represent. By coordinating social conversations with marketing strategies and an over-all editorial plan, we can even rally customers around the brand when the time is right.

More than just social media
Engagement is more than just social media. Although networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram each have their own strengths as story-telling mediums, clients have to look past the virtual world for interactions with customers.

The same kind of thought and planning that goes into social media plans and campaigns needs to find its way into conversations about retail showrooms, trade show exhibits, special events and even employee recognition.

Each audience that means something to the brand needs to be engaged throughout the year in order to get the most out of your marketing dollar.

BLPR can help make that happen.

Competitive rowing sensation Elizabeth Sharis was a patient of BLPR client ORA Orthopedics