What We Do

“So, what are you good at?”
It’s a fair question.  And it was one that we were asked recently while completing a new business questionnaire.

Well, if the answer is good enough to use once, it’s probably good enough to share with the rest of the world.  So here’s a quick overview of what makes us who we are, boiled down into four, bite-sized pieces:


  • Branded Storytelling. Our primary strength lies in developing relevant and compelling narratives for clients and then finding unique ways to deliver them to the people who matter most. Between the trained journalists and marketing madmen we have on our team, stories get told and re-told with passion, creativity and accuracy.
  • Digital Marketing. But what good is a story if no one hears it? BLPR’s years of experience is complimented by an insatiable curiosity about new technologies and delivery channels for marketing messages. Go beyond traditional marketing channels and let us help you find a way to reach the right people at the right time with the right message.
  • Audience Engagement. Too many marketing firms (and their clients) are satisfied knowing they’ve succeeded in creating “awareness” for their brand. Once that’s done, it’s up to the sales department to generate results. The problem with this approach is the lack of accountability for when things go wrong – or, more importantly, when things go right.
  • Marketing Consulting. Finally, it’s not a successful relationship with a client if we don’t open their eyes to what’s possible. That means we’re constantly looking inside the results of every campaign for some new insight into the next big idea. BLPR often invests in speculative work to allow clients to see what the future can bring and make an informed decision to act on it today.