How We’re Different

Experience matters and size doesn’t.
B&LPR won’t be the right agency for every client – but we might be the right one for you.

That’s because some clients are discriminating enough to recognize good thinking and appreciate folks who will tell them what they need to know rather than what they want to hear.

Look, we’re small.  We’re that way on purpose.  Each client gets direct attention from both principals in the firm.  And we each have a role to play – Mike pokes, prods and dreams big.  Maybe it’s his background in advertising that comes through – but he has a way of constantly coming up with ideas.

Sometimes they’re brilliant.  Sometimes, not so much …

But everyone needs an editor.  
And that’s where Liz comes in.

We work well as a team because we’re both fearless.  Having worked together for nearly fifteen years, there’s a level of familiarity and trust between the two of us that creates a valuable chemistry that works for clients.  So we’re not afraid to pitch bold new concepts or give an honest criticism of the other’s ideas.

And by working together, we almost always come up with something unique and engaging – and most of all, practical.  Because once the ideas are set, we stay in place and help see them through.  You won’t get that kind of attention from the principals of a larger firm.  You can’t.  They have too much to do to give you the attention you deserve.

So experience matters.  At our size, we know that better than most.

We think after you work with us for a while, you will too.