Who We Are

Bawden and Lareau Public Relations’ fundamental philosophy and approach to marketing communications and PR sets us apart from traditional advertising agencies and PR firms.

Unlike other practitioners who may try to convince you there is some kind of art or magic involved in creating great messages that build your brand and make your organization grow, we tell our clients it’s all just a fairly simple formula:

Make promises you can keep.

Keep the promises you make.

That’s the way you build brands. And it’s easy to see how following that formula will build your business, too.

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As you do, you’ll learn more about who we are and the work we do; our system for building brands and crafting organizational narratives; our unique approach to public relations programs and building media partnerships; and how we engage fans, customers, employees and supporters.

And we do it all in a way that complements our clients’ core competencies while providing support in key areas, when needed, by experts in their fields on an “on call” basis.

Learn more about us, and how our leadership, team members and unique account service structure ensures our clients have the best thinking and resources possible to take on their public relations and marketing communications challenges.

People are not marketing targets. They’re audiences.
Tell them a good story – by connecting with them intellectually and emotionally – and they will be your brand’s best friend.

On location shooting GO All In TV Commercial (2016)

BLPR creatively articulates what sets clients apart. We identify connections that create intellectual and emotional ownership. And we design and deploy communications programs that engage your most important audiences: consumers, employees, shareholders, media, communities, potential partners and industry advocates or adversaries.

We break down the strength of our system for marketing and public relations into five easy pieces:

  • Our primary strength is in developing relevant and compelling brand messages for clients and then finding unique ways to deliver them to the people who matter most. Every PR firm can do media relations or set up a Facebook page; we go one step beyond and finds ways to use the traditional PR methods in new ways that create a difference.
  • After that, clients seem to enjoy our intense interest in telling their story. Between the trained journalists and marketing madmen we have on our team, stories get re-told with passion, creativity and accuracy.
  • On location for Let’s Move QC Feature on WQAD-TV (2015)

    While creativity and objectivity are important, we’re also dedicated to client satisfaction. “Under-promise and over-deliver” is a key mantra when it comes to taking care of our customers.

  • Clients aren’t satisfied if bills don’t get paid on time or if the agency can’t ever seem to operate within a budget. We take our fiduciary responsibility very seriously.
  • Finally, it’s not a successful relationship with a client if we don’t open their eyes to what’s possible. That means we’re constantly looking for the next big idea and investing in the speculative work required to allow clients to see the future and act on it today.

Our integrated process
BLPR offers a unique blend of professionals with national experience in a number of different communications professions — from corporate public relations and broadcasting to advertising and entertainment.

Why this diversity? Because we firmly believe that clients can’t afford to view marketing disciplines as separate: all brand communications must be creative, relevant and delivered in a way that ensures key audiences understand and act on consistent messages and corporate values at the right time.

We are built to deliver on that new vision and make it a viable – and managable – option for clients to consider.