“Every story well told.”

That’s our mission.

To make sure our clients are able to tell their story in compelling ways to the people who matter most: their customers, employees and business partners.

At Bawden and Lareau Public Relations, we work with great people and organizations to make sure our clients and their organizational narratives stand out from their competition.

Whether it’s evocative stories, engaging advertising, concise corporate communications, social banter or fact-based news coverage – BLPR can make sure your brand’s story gets told to the right people at the right time.

We work with managers and brands who recognize the importance of staying on strategy when it comes to talking with the people they rely on for their success. They keep the brand promises they make.

So do we.

BLPR On Brandcrafting

Taking customer engagement to the next level

BLPR Partner, Mike Bawden, explains why the old “share of mind” model of marketing must give way to a newer, “share of life” paradigm.

How do you create “brand energy”?

We spend time talking with clients about brand “equity” but often pass over the conversation that needs to happen about brand “energy.” Learn the difference.

Have you started working on your 2020 marketing plan yet?

Planning starts with research – and there’s no better time to start researching for next year than right now. BLPR partner, Mike Bawden, explains why.

Understanding the value of your brand’s equity.

How do you tap into your brand’s equity to make your business grow? BLPR partner, Mike Bawden, explains the concept of brand energy and how tapping into it can change your business.

How much should I spend on marketing?

No matter how much you budget for marketing your product or your company, it’s never enough. BLPR partner, Mike Bawden, discusses a fail-safe way to set your marketing budget for the coming year.

“We work on creating meaning and focusing energy behind our client’s brands.”

Need Help in a Hurry?

We can do that. With our experienced team’s decades worth of experience, we can get up-to-speed and on-the-road, ASAP.

Click to view sample “packages” we’ve created for a variety of client-types:

  • owner-managed businesses
  • creators and public figures
  • specialty food brands
  • professional practices
  • charitable organizations
  • public issues

Our Partners

Liz Merdian Lareau, M.A.


Liz’s 30-year career spans television and radio news, corporate public relations, crisis management, advertising and marketing PR, brand management, and digital marketing and public relations.

Learn more about Liz by clicking here.

Mike Bawden


A marketing professional with over thirty years of experience, Mike started working as an errand boy in his family’s advertising agency while still in high school. He later bought the agency from his family in 1996.

For more information on Mike click here.

Our Process

When you deal with entrepreneurial clients like we do, you have to have a system for understanding the unique circumstances they face, the state of the market and the role media plays in brand perception.

BLPR has a three-step process that gets things moving in our clients’ direction.

Once this three-step process is completed, our clients are ready to run on an on-going editorial/marketing plan to initiate and continue conversations about their brands on their own terms.

We take clients through a FastStart(TM) which involves market identification and research, brand value definition, market positioning, strategic visioning and key message crafting.

The end result is a message matrix for your brand and plans for pushing those message out through advertising, promotion, social media and conventional media relations channels.

Thanks to our vast experience in a number of different sectors, BLPR is able to provide clients with a number of “baseline” plans to make sure a brand’s presence is adequately represented on social, online and traditional media.

We also incorporate an active media listening service into every client’s service package to monitor trends and identify potential problems.

A basic service plan may not address all of a client’s marketing needs. For that reason, BLPR offers a variety of options so a client can tailor the brand’s marketing/PR program to be an exact fit.

Customizations can be one-off projects or on-going/monthly programs. In either case, budgets and timelines are agreed to in advance to help keep marketing expenses in check.

Our Services

Branded Storytelling

We research what makes our clients unique in their marketplace by looking at where they’ve been and where they plan to go. We work with our clients to make sure messages are clear, concise and consistent.

Digital Marketing

Your website is at the center of your digital “footprint” when it comes to marketing today. BLPR works with clients to make sure their messages flow from their online home onto the screens and into the homes of customers down the block and across the country.

Audience Engagement

In today’s world, making impressions is not enough. Real engagement goes beyond “Likes” and “Follows” and hits the bottom line. We understand that and work with our clients to achieve real, tangible results.

Marketing Consulting

What we do is more than just offer creative ideas and research. Marketing consultation means actively working with our clients to make sure they always feel informed and aware of project costs, timelines, options and opportunities.

Our Work